The History Behind Our Company

CMN Tech (SARL ADFT Informatique) being one of the growing Information Technology Organization highly concentrates on working on new and innovative and challenging projects where we help our personnel to grow interpersonal skills and extra personnel skills.

Digital technology is changing the way companies work. We offer a fully-managed service portfolio that becomes the driving force for businesses to meet their goals faster, and does away with the pain of having to deal with a multi-vendor approach. Our Digital Business Services Model helps our customers steer away from a fragmented approach towards an integrated one, allowing them to scale their businesses positively and impact both their bottom line as well as top line.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Nacef Toufik
Nacef ToufikCEO & Founder
Web Developer
Benguerra Karim
Benguerra KarimCEO & Fouder
Digital Marketer
Ahmed Bedda Zekri
Ahmed Bedda Zekri
Translator & author
Meriem Bedda Zekri
Meriem Bedda Zekri
Translator & Designer

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