You would come across many articles with a similar title, but the reality is all have listed the options that were actually trending two to three years ago. We cannot count mobile optimized websites in trends in 2021. Google made it clear half a dozen years ago that for good ranking, you need to optimize your website for mobiles as well. It was a trend back then. This is also true that many people still have not done that, but this can’t come under new web development trends in 2021.

Foreseeing the upcoming trends helps you and your company to focus on significant technologies that are the new normal. Yes, we will talk about the things that are the new normal now and will be developed a step further in twenty-twenty one. Upcoming trends also help to shape your long term strategy and make your business future proof. As a developers for marketers, we lookout for web development trends, and this year the excitement has doubled up because the COVID pandemic has changed how the world works.

We analyze the web development service requests and functionalities requests we get from our clients for their website or application. Clients demand that because it is required in their core product/service or their competition is already pulling up those functionalities gracefully. So, it’s a chain of rising technological demands making them worth mentioning in the below list.

5 Actual Web Development Trends in 2021

Voice Commerce

This has to be on top for two huge reasons. One reason is that it makes your store SEO-ready because of increasing voice searches every year. The second is that it is a revolutionary shift from touch to voice. One such revolutionary shift was from keypad phones to touch phones.

eCommerce was the next big thing in itself, with new platforms getting released for the sellers. And, then it became the seller’s job to offer ease of use to their consumers. They demanded more functionalities for their consumers’ comfort and the platform developers provide that. Voice commerce is in sync with it that eases the experience more by removing the keyboard requests in the process. Customers can now use voice commands to order and make a purchase. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are already doing their bit in voice commands. If you can listen to your favorite song or order a pizza using voice search, you can definitely shop as well.

Just like Bluetooth allows you to talk on the phone hands-free, voice commerce allows you to do shopping hands-free. It is more convenient for the end-users as they can order anything while doing other activities.

We know that the store owners who didn’t opt for eCommerce are lagging behind those who shifted to eCommerce. Similarly, if you don’t join the bandwagon of voice commerce now, you will lag behind soon and regret the decision.

Serverless Computing or Serverless Architecture

Even HubSpot introduced this in May 2020

Apparently, Serverless doesn’t mean ‘without server.’ Companies and businesses used to manage all by themselves and invest heavily in their own hardware servers. Then came the cloud computing era that took some of the work to reduce the lead time and focus more on business logic. Cloud computing gave rise to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service). All the innovations made in this area helped in building production-ready software quickly and easily. With each new trend, a little portion of the burden goes off of your shoulders.

Still today, we have server logics and server-side code, security, deployment, routing, authentication of the server-side of the application, which are still done by the developers. This can be taken off if possible. Well, serverless is making it possible. It takes off the major server-side workload. While the work of configuration and integration is still there for developers, but the other tedious tasks are gone from the developers’ list. Developers can now just code the logic of the software without worrying about the server-side function or work. This saves time and becomes less hectic.

We are already dependent on cloud service providers. So, we can cope up with the serverless architecture providers managing the server-side of our software and applications.

Artificial Intelligence in 2021

COVID-pandemic brought our lives to a halt for some time, but it sure put AI and its implementation on the fast lane. Companies are seeking the areas in their business sections where they can successfully implement AI. Workforce planning, demand projection, simulation, data management, and behavior prediction already use AI. We all are more than ever connected digitally on a personal and professional level. Hence keeping everything secure becomes of utmost importance. Artificial Intelligence predicts the at-risk backend areas also that you should improve.

Big data analytics, robotics, cloud, and IoT all utilize AI technology. In 2021, we will see more alignment of AI-based services in automating and augmenting the core business processes. Even the eCommerce store owners are using it in abundance for providing personalized recommendations to their customers. The scope of AI expands in farming. Its predictive capabilities can predict the nature of the soil and how fertile it will be in the coming season. God knows what we face in the coming years like we did in 2020. The enterprises just need to find out how they can use Artificial Intelligence in their business process when they need it the most.


I have written several blogs on security, hacks to emphasize the importance of the same. When you choose to automate things, cybersecurity becomes even more important.

You can see that even the major platforms were so vulnerable that they couldn’t save themselves from a cyber attack. Once the hackers get their hands on your personal data, the loss is unimaginable. The world will always be in need of an extra layer of security just to keep the hackers at bay. Hackers won’t stop even if they fail 100 times, they just need to do it right one time. And, you need to be prepared for that one time because your data, client’s data, everything is at stake. Cybersecurity cannot go out of trend. It’s a necessary trend.

To protect the end user’s data, the government has placed a few data protection policies in place. We have GDPR (General Data Protection Policy) in EuropeCCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in California. Product owners, service providers, and agencies have to follow these guidelines in case they collect any user data.

Low Code / No Code

You must be wondering why no-code or low-code is doing in development trends? Well, this is true that low-code or no-code does take the pressure off of businessmen to fill the gap of the developers. But, these are utilized for development purposes, so they do deserve a spot on this list.

The idea of achieving more in less time has lead to the low code invention, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need developers. Even for the no-code tasks, you need developers to accomplish them. The tasks may not be complex or time-consuming with low-code, but this still is web development, and you need an expert. Targeting low-cost development in less time, more developers are seeking no code / low code solutions. Low code or now code seems to stay here for long.

You can’t and you shouldn’t do everything at once. Choose your favorite web development trend to focus on in 2021 and begin hiring accordingly.  Pitch it to the prospects looking for particular services as the saying goes “If everybody is your customer, then nobody is your customer.”